Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Talk to the fake hand!

Today Steph bought me this "Gopher". Here you see me picking up a slipper with it. It is supposed to help me grab things off the floor and such. That way when I drop the phone (which I do about three times a day), I can get it myself without trying to bend over and making my injury worse. Let is be said that I did NOT want this thing. I think it's ridiculous and I feel like I'm an old person picking up nickels at the beach. But it does work. The cats seem to think it's a fun game too.

Andrew and Chad game to my Animal Crossing town tonight. Yay! It was so cool. Nintendo is genius. Of course, my battery died in the middle of it and so I probably lost all the fruit Chad gave me. I hope not though. We'll see when it charges again.

In other technology news, the motherboard on the desktop is dead. So we bought an iMac. I am one step closer to fully switching over to Apple in the house. Oh yeah.

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