Sunday, January 13, 2008

Zucchini & Chicken Pizza

It may have become clear recently, given all the recipes I've posted that include zucchini, that zucchini is one of our favorite vegetables. Of course it's best when it's in season in the summer, but I will eat it any time of year. Tonight Steph requested a pizza, so I made this one with zucchini and grilled chicken. I was trying to recreate the pizza we love so much at Bertucci's, because sadly Bertucci's doesn't have any locations in Tennessee.


Hank Hudson said...

That looks so yummy. You should send me some.

Adina said...

It was yummy! I would send you some, but I don't think it would survive the trip-- it was easy to make though-- I can give you the recipe.

When we come visit, I will make you one. :-)

blair said...

You should try my mother's recipe for ratatouille. It is filled with Zucchini and meat and is even better after been re-heated the next day.

Adina said...

E-mail it to me-- I love ratatouille.