Monday, October 18, 2010

Apple Picking at Baugher's

I have once again fallen behind in my blogging. Sigh. September and October were exceptionally busy months for me. Lots of parties to attend, babies to meet, and traveling to do. I've also been fighting with AT&T. Yesterday I printed out a 35 page bill so I could try to figure out where over $100 of crazy charges are coming from. Mind you, we have a set plan with unlimited data and texts and we never go over our minutes because both of us never use our phones to call people. Exhausting. Exciting, yes?

Back in late September, we went apple picking with Jess and Mike. We went to Baugher's in western Maryland. We used to go there when I was a kid. It's insane how built up that area is now. It's full of strip malls and fast food joints. I remember it being endless expanses of open farmland. It made me sad, but on the other hand, our house in Nashville is in a development that used to be a family farm, so I am not in a place to judge. I take these things more personally when they interfere with my childhood memories. Natural, I suppose.

Pictures from our apple picking adventures! We ate a lot of the apples we picked, and I also canned a few quarts of applesauce.

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