Monday, July 16, 2007

Mediterranean feast

Tonight I made feta and lamb burgers, grilled eggplant with grilled haloumi cheese, and a salad for dinner. I took a glorious picture, but of course, my SD card reader on the computer is being a loser (again).

I'm not too annoyed though because the future is bright. This morning I ordered our new Macbook, which should arrive Wednesday or Thursday. I took Andrew's advice and upgraded the memory to 2GB and also upgraded the hard drive to 200GB. I can't wait! Alex got an iPhone today and I am super jealous, but not jealous enough to go out and switch to ATT. I am going to wait it out until they become available on T-Mobile. At least, that's what I'm saying this week. I reserve the right to change my mind based upon whatever fancy I may have for fun electronic items.


Josurin said...

Oooooh MacBook! When you get it, we can do VIDEO CHAT using iChat! It rocks!! So easy, too!

Adina said...

Seriously? Wow, that's awesome. I can't wait!! I am squealing with delight. According to FedEx, it left Shanghai late last night and will arrive tomorrow or Friday. I wanted to buy the desktop too and throw out all this PC crap we have, but I figured I better make sure I like it with the laptop before investing all the money in overhauling our entire computer fleet. Hehe.