Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bread of the Dead

I read that Aurora Bakery was selling Pan de Muerto this week in honor of the Day of the Dead. So we took a little trip out there today to sample some. It's pretty good-- the best part about it is that it comes in cool colors like pink and green! Fun.

This evening I downloaded Leopard on to my iMac and I am totally loving it so far. Definitely worth the $9.95 for shippping. Haha.

I also figured out how to transfer photos over from my phone to the computer using Bluetooth. I am impressed that I figured it out on my own without calling Steph for help...not that it was particularly difficult, but I get easily frustrated when it comes to technology.


Josurin said...

First of all, what is this bread of death all about? Does it have some special flavor? Is it just bread that's colored? I need details!

Also, I am totally jealous of your Leopard upgrade! I have to spend significantly more to get it ... :(

Kathy said...

Oh dear Andrew,
I did not teach you about the holy days very well...All Saints Day and All Souls Day...the two days after "All Hallow's Eve"! It is a lot like O'Bon. O'Bon is more fun!

Erin said...

I didn't know about those holy days, either! But I am very glad you didn't send us to Catholic School, Mom. Thank you.

Adina--Andrew has convinced me that Macs are the way to go. I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying yours so much!

Adina said...

I knew about it, and I was raised as a Jew! But my Mom is obsessed with Mexican culture, so I think that's how I know these things.

Mac has changed my life. I never knew a computer could be so beautiful and functional all at once.

Josurin said...

I've heard of the days, just not the bread. I just looked it up. It sounds tasty.

Adina said...

It was good...sort of like Challah, only with an orange essence. Maybe I'll make some and send it to you. I am on a bread kick right now.