Friday, October 31, 2008

Foliage as seen from the window

One of the better aspects of this apartment is that there are trees visible from every window. It makes living in the city more palatable, I think. Here is some lovely fall foliage as viewed from our den. This year I've noticed that a lot of the trees don't seem to really notice that it's Fall. For example, you can see a bright red tree in the background of this photo, but the Maple is still green. I always though Maples were one of the first trees to color in the Fall. Perhaps I was wrong-- anyone have any thoughts?

P.S- Happy Halloween, one and all!
P.P.S- to my Philadelphia friends and readers, big congrats on the Philles winning the World Series. You must all be so proud!


gratefulsned said...

I think the tree by the window is an oak?

Blair said...

I think you should put a silhouette of a crazy old lady dancing a jig in one of your windows behind your curtains to scare away intruders at night.