Monday, October 6, 2008

Louis returns to the scene of the crime

Actually, Louis was not the perp in this case-- it was Winston. Winston does NOT like being strictly an indoor cat. Louis, who prefers to spend his time sleeping or looking frightened, has adjusted well to being indoors. Winston, on the other hand, misses the wild. His yearning to go outside has become particularly annoying these past few weeks; the windows are open and he can see, smell, and hear everything going on outside and yet, he is trapped in the apartment. He scratches at the windows to get out. He moos all day and all night long (it's quite pathetic). He runs and paces back and forth, obviously frustrated. But his all time favorite activity is to knock over the books on the bookshelf. It never gets old to him. This scene is what I wake up to every morning, more of less. And I swear, he gets SUCH enjoyment out of watching me put the books back on the shelf. It's like he's mad at me for keeping him inside and he knows that knocking over books is one way to really stick it to me. BAD KITTY!!! I am considering getting him a leash and attempting to take him for a walk, but I've heard that doesn't work so well for cats. I'm getting pretty desperate though, so I'm going to try it and see how it goes.


gratefulsned said...

I KNOW!!! He is so bad. He sounds so pathetic too. When will it end, booie?

Veggie said...

Give it a try all cats are different, he might like it. Be careful though, don't let him out of your sight and use a cat harness.

Some cats can get out of their harness, as mine both have. If they start to back up they can sometimes push it up over their head.