Saturday, June 2, 2007


We've had all these paint chips hanging all over the house since we moved in (almost six months ago). I just can't decide on colors. Plus, it is going to cost an arm and a leg to have someone paint the house. Also, I hate hiring contractors; no one will care for your home the way you would. Steph and I hate painting and aren't very good at it.

So, I am offering you all the chance of a lifetime! Come and help us paint and Steph and I will pay for your airfare. Or, just be an awesome friend and do it for free pizza and beer.

(Thursday May 31, 2007)


Josurin said...

How many rooms do you have to paint? I would totally help because I don't mind painting. But it takes Chad and me about 3 or 4 days to do one room! Haha.

Josurin said...

By the way, of the colors shown in this photo, I think I like Pewter the best.

alex said...

i'll help! i'm an awesome painter. plus, i'm very humble.

Adina said...

Ok Andrew and Alex, let us know when you want to come and help out.

Andrew, I agree that the pewter is the best one. I just worry that maybe it will appear cooler than I'd like. You can see it in person and let me know what you think. We want to paint the whole house, but we'd like to at least paint my study, our bedroom, our bathroom, the powder room, and maybe the dining room ourselves. We'll leave the open spaces and high walls to the pros.