Sunday, February 15, 2009

Haha, back to my birthday...

Yeah, so I know my birthday was over two weeks ago, but I never finished my blog posts from that time.

This was a good time. Google has a feature where you can use video chat within e-mail. I don't use it, mostly because when I am at home and fooling around on the computer, I don't want anyone to see me! I generally haven't showered and am wearing pajamas. Also, it's too similar to talking on the phone and I'm not really a phone person. Oh man, I am so anti-social sometimes.

Anyway, we had a video chat with Kathy and Rich (Andrew's parents) during dinner. They are currently in Japan, where Rich is teaching a class for Temple. Erin & Matt are visiting them now and next month Andrew & Chad are flying there for a visit as well.

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