Friday, February 20, 2009

Philadelphia Excursion...

A week or so ago we spent the night in Philadelphia. We had a grand old time -- first we met up with Andrew & Chad at Yakitori Boy for $1 skewer night. We rented a karaoke room and sang our hearts out. After dinner, we went to More Than Just Ice Cream for dessert, where we met up with Amber & Tara. I had a piece of apple pie so large, it disgusted me. I had to put 2/3 of it in a to-go container before I could even think about eating it.

We stayed at the Loews Philadelphia -- I've taken to naming my own price on Priceline lately and I get fabulous deals to stay at 4-star hotels. The Loews cost us only $75 for the night. To give you an idea how cheap that is, the valet parking was $38. The location can not be beat. The hotel is directly across from the Reading Terminal Market, in fact, our room overlooked the market. The room was updated and cozy, with a lot of windows. The bed was one of the most comfortable hotel beds ever, in my opinion. I would definitely return for that kind of price. If I'm going to spend a lot of money, I still prefer the Sofitel in Rittenhouse Square.

A short, but fabulous trip. I really want to try to spend more time in Philadelphia. I am starting to enjoy the city a lot more.


knitwick said...

The room looks lovely and the food, I know, was scrumptious!! Glad we got to see you again. I had a wonderful time!!

Adina said...

I always enjoy your company-- I do so love our adventures together.