Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And what have we here?

My grandparents are in New Mexico with my Uncle Michael for Thanksgiving this year and I'm not going out to Arizona to see my parents until Christmas, so we are having a small Thanksgiving festivity tomorrow (instead of Thursday, because Alex is working). It's just going to be us and Alex. I thought about just making a turkey breast, but a whole turkey is so much more fun. Steph has even consented to eat meat! I put the turkey in a bucket to brine it and the cats were hilarious about it. They came over and tried to swat at it and then when we put it out in the backyard they threw themselves up against the glass door, attempting to get outside and claim their turkey prize. I will give them the giblets tomorrow after I use them to make gravy, because I am kind and generous like that.

Where did the boardwalk go??!?!

They are doing construction on the boardwalk and it was funny to just see nothing where the boardwalk used to be. It was like everything was fine and normal and then suddenly-- nothing.

Yay Alex!!!!

I am 2 for 2 now with supporting Alex with her long distance running. This time Steph and I both went out to Rehoboth to support her. It was awesome to see her cross the finish line. I took a few shots of her running and this is one of them. She is so inspirational and I love watching the marathons because there is so much positive energy in the air and even though it is a solitary sport, it seems like the runners truly support one another. It's a lot of fun to watch.

25 degrees and snowing at the beach...

After WV, we drove to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware to spend a few days with Alex and to support her in running the Rehoboth Seashore Half marathon. It was a good time, even though it snowed the first day and it was seriously cold the entire time. Seeing snow at the beach was an interesting experience. Here is a picture of Steph and I on the boardwalk.

Are you a pet?

I think this picture is funny because of the sign in the background. We went to Lost River state park and saw a small family of deer, a mama and two babies. They were so adorable. I love their little white tails!

Lost River Modern

Our stay at the Lost River Modern cabin in West Virginia was wonderful-- just what we needed. We barely left the cabin because it was so comfortable. It was nice (and addictive) to have TV for a few days. Every so often it's a fun luxury. The decor was modern, but not stark and uncomfortable. In fact, the couch in the living room upstairs was probably the most comfortable I've ever sat in. The area is seriously rural and gorgeous. We will definitely return.

Cheap Gas

We stopped in Front Royal, VA to get gas on our way to the Lost River Modern cabin in West Virginia. I was shocked that gas was so cheap there-- excited too, of course!


Atwater's is our favorite spot for lunch. They always have the best soups. Even things that sound strange on the menu end up being delicious. On this day, I had a bowl of gumbo...mmm mmm good...I truly enjoy making soup at home, but I think gumbo is a little too involved for a home endeavor.

Rubber Band Ball

Behold! This is, quite obviously, my rubber band ball. I have nursed it from a single rubber band into the small ball you see in the photo. We don't get rubber bands too often, but when we do, I like to add them to my ball, because I am weird and these inane things amuse me. One day I hope it will be the size of a softball. It's good to have goals, you know. Narf narf.

Oh Iron Hill, how I love thee

So, a few weeks back we went to Delaware for a funeral with Alex. We decided to stop at Iron Hill for lunch on the way home. It was just as delicious as I remembered it. The nachos were PERFECT-- just the right amount of cheese, evenly distributed cheese, fresh jalapenos, delicious guacamole, and fresh chips. You would think it's easy to get excellent nachos, but alas, it just is not true. Alex and I also shared some wings. I only eat wings at Iron Hill because they just suck everywhere else. Steph and I have this crazy idea to get a hotel room in Delaware this year for the Superbowl because that way we can watch the game (which we can't do at home because we don't have a TV) and have the perfect wings (which we can't have anywhere but in Delaware).

Friday, November 14, 2008


Do try to contain your jealousy...I know it will be difficult. On Tuesday, we will be driving to Lost River, WV (apparently a gay enclave and DC weekend destination-- who knew) to go here. Check out the website for some serious furniture and modern architecture eye candy. Mmmm, yeah.

So, we'll be staying there for 3 nights, relaxing and enjoying our time alone together in the woods. After that, we'll drive back to Baltimore, pick up Alex, and head to Rehoboth. Alex is running the Rehoboth Marathon (she's not running the whole thing, just half) and we are going to show our support for her. We'll be staying in Rehoboth with her until Monday. Yay for vacation!!!

Other travel plans in the works include a visit to Scottsdale to see my parents for Christmas and a trip to Portland and Seattle in February with Alex.