Friday, December 26, 2008

There's got to be a morning after...

Day after Christmas. We have a lot of cleaning to do and errands to run, but instead we are eating a late lunch and fooling around on Facebook. Very productive.

Christmas Dinner

Steph worked on Christmas day, but after her shift ended, we went over to Alex's place to have Christmas dinner with her and her mom. There was so much delicious food. We ate ourselves into a tizzy and then collapsed in a food coma. We had a turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, broccoli with this amazing lemon dijon sauce over it, gravy, and Steph's famous brownies for dessert. We also drank a fair amount of wine, of course. It was a wonderful evening.

Christmas Gift!

Isn't she beautiful? I've named her Matilda! Alex got me an iPod shuffle for Christmas. Steph got me a Nikon D80 (I have wanted a digital SLR for a few years now, so I am seriously psyched about this), but the shipment got delayed, so it's arriving on December 30th. That's ok, I am willing to wait for my precious. Anyhoo, I have already loaded Matilda up with lots of great music for working out to. I heart her!

Steph's first race!

Steph ran her first race! It was a 5k called the Figgy Pudding Fun Run. The race took place in Fells Point, which is a really historic neighborhood in Baltimore with cobblestone streets and such. She did a great job and I a super proud of her. For Christmas she got new running shoes from Falls Road Running Store, along with a face mask to keep her head warm and some wool socks for her footies.

This is a picture of Steph and Alex after the race. When they finished, we went over to Kooper's Pub, where they each got a free pint of Guinness for running the race.