Saturday, August 8, 2009

Stupid Stupid Baltimore City

The city is working on the water mains on our street. They've been "working" for about a month now. Every day they waste I don't even know how many thousands of gallons of water. It's like there is a constant river running down the street. They also block the street with their trucks and make it nearly impossible to drive anywhere. Also, every few weeks the water shuts off for a few hours or so while they place us on the temporary line. Ugh, so annoying. I came home one afternoon to see this huge geyser of water spraying everywhere. Hopefully they will be done with their "work" soon.

For Erin

This photo is for Erin. After we checked out of our hotel in DC, we walked over to a little cafe for breakfast called Bread & Chocolate. I had a breakfast sandwich, which was fine, but I noticed that the "egg tuckage" was horrible and I thought of Erin.

Westend Bistro

We spent the night in DC and visited with Melissa. We want to try to spend a lot of time with her before she temporarily moves to Israel in October! Her fiance, Amos, is in the Foreign Service and he is stationed in Tel Aviv right now, so she is going to join him there in October. The three of us went out to Westend Bistro by Eric Ripert. I had a roast chicken entree, which is pictured here. It was SOOO GOOD. It was moist and tender. The entire meal was exceptional. Expensive, but exceptional. If you are ever in DC and want to have a great casual dining experience and don't mind blowing some dough, check out Westend Bistro. We stayed at the Westin Grand, which was conveniently located a block from the restaurant. It was fortunate because when we left the restaurant, it was POURING RAIN, but luckily we only had to walk one block.

Bowling Adventure

We went bowling with Lauren. She kicked our butts. Apparently she was in a bowling league as a child. Cheater! Steph and I sucked hardcore, but it was still a good time. We drank cheap beer in plastic cups, as one should do when bowling.

New Bathroom Light Fixture

We bought this new light fixtures for the bathroom when we were at Home Anthology with Andrew and Chad. Actually, they aren't new at all, they are vintage mid-century modern. They are really supposed to be wall sconces, but we used them in the bathroom on top of the mirror. They are also supposed to be installed vertically, but they would not fit, so Steph installed them horizontally. They look nice and make the bathroom look so much brighter and more put together, I think.

Robert E. Lee Park

We went for an early morning walk at Robert E. Lee Park. The trail is very pretty and runs right next to a large creek. Alex was going to come with us, but she had just come off of working a night shift and was exhausted, so she slept in her car instead. Aww, poor thing. Steph and I still had a good time though.


Every month now we go to Leadbetters to see Lauren play. We like it there-- the drinks are cheap and the atmosphere is very friendly. This crazy drunk chick wanted to sing "Me and Bobby McGee" with Lauren. It was pretty funny.


For the 4th of July, we went out to McCormick & Schmick for dinner. It's a seafood restaurant right on the harbor. The food is just ok, but I knew the view of the harbor fireworks would be awesome. I took a lot of pictures. I used my large tripod, which helped with the slow shutter speeds I was using. Next time I will set up in advance of the fireworks though. I like this picture because it looks like some sort of deep sea creature.

Flowers from Alex

Haven't blogged in a while, so I have a lot of catching up to do. Alex gave us flowers. She's such a wonderful and thoughtful friend. She came over for dinner and Steph made paella salad. Mmm, I think that's my favorite summer meal.