Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mythical BEET KING

Tonight at Wegman's, I saw the biggest beet imaginable. I thought to myself, surely this must be the Beet King. I had to take a picture.

Not so great translation

This packaging cracked me up. We went to Lotte (an Asian supermarket that pales in comparison to H-Mart, but I wanted to see if they had a better sweets selection...they don't), and that's where I saw this: "The tasty walnut was included".

Ahoy Matey

Sunday was our 6 year wedding anniversary. It's been a difficult year for our relationship, so we definitely wanted to do something to celebrate, but neither of us felt like going anywhere fancy. We agreed that a delicious seafood feast would do the trip, so we headed over to the Crab Shanty. The have great seafood, of course, but they also make the best stuffed baked potatoes I've ever eaten. We shared an appetizer of crab dip, and then S had steamed shrimp and a potato and I had swordfish with a potato. Delicious.

Farmer's Market Finds

Got lots of yummy bounty from the Farmer's Market this weekend. Honeycrisp Apples (finally!), grapes that are sooo good (they taste NOTHING like the kind of grapes you buy in the supermarket), peaches, and zucchini. There is one vendor there who sells these really cool succulents planted in logs. I've always wanted to buy one, but don't want to schlep it to my car. Aren't they cool looking?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pretty Things

I got this lovely bouquet of flowers at the farmer's market as well. Yay for flowers. I guess it's sort of silly to cut flowers because then they just die in a few days, but in most annuals, cutting the flowers actually encourages new growth. Plus cut flowers look so pretty and seeing them makes me smile.

Loo Loo Loo I got some Apples

I picked up these fine specimens at the farmer's market today. I love how apple season is beginning to get underway. I hope the honeycrisps arrive soon because they are my absolute favorite.


Winston, busy living every week like it's Shark Week.

Grumble Grumble

Now I remember why I own a home (if only I could be there now...oh to be where everything is less than 2 years old and works as it should). The water pressure to my bathroom sink in the apartment is lousy. At best it is about 45% of what it should be; at worst it is a trickle, like in this picture. Let me tell you, it is no fun trying to rinse off a toothbrush or wash your hands when the water pressure is pretty much non-existent. I told the landlord about it 2 weeks ago, but so far he hasn't gotten back to me about it...which would be fine, if he would just FIX IT. I don't necessarily need to be informed of what the issue is; I just want the issue to be resolved. Grr.


So my latest food craze is horseradish cheddar. I love to melt some on a bagel and have it for breakfast in the morning (as pictured!). I have sampled quite a few different horseradish cheddars as of late-- one from Whole Foods, one from the Orchard where Chad, Andrew, and I went to pick fruit, one from Superfresh, and my latest one came from the farmer's market in Baltimore. How long will this obsession continue? I don't know, but it's tasty while it lasts.

Friday, August 8, 2008

A rare event...

I'm not a go out and drink kind of person. If I am going to drink, I prefer to do it in the privacy of my own home...if I'm in pajamas and playing Scattergories, well that's even better. But last week S wanted to go out with her friend Adam before he went home to Wisconsin. Adam is this cute, tall and skinny gay dude who was at Hopkins for the summer on a Nursing externship. They wanted to do karaoke to Heart's "Alone". I didn't want to be the 3rd wheel, so I invited my friend Nicole along for the festivities. We went out at 10, first to Grand Central. The scene wasn't very happening over there. Adam was late and we spent a good hour nursing Long Island Iced Teas and playing Erotic Photo Hunt. After Adam showed up, we went over to the Hippo, where they had karaoke and it was more crowded. We drank there, did Jello shots, and Adam and Steph had their karaoke fun. Nicole and I played the groupies. I thought I'd want to go home by midnight, but I actually made it until the bar closed at 2am. There was no food at either of the bars and we were all hungry so afterwards we made a pit stop at Papermoon Diner. I had eggs benedict, my fave. Tasty. All in all, it was a good night. I still don't like drinking and I still don't like bars, but every once in a while it's nice to step outside yourself and do something slightly out of character and different from your typical weekend routine.

Here's a picture of S and Nicole. It was hard to find a picture where no one had their tongues out...people get tonguey when they drink, I suppose.