Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bleeding Hearts

The Bleeding Hearts are blooming-- they are one of my favorite early Spring perennials, second only to daffodils. As you can see, there is a pink one and a white one. The pink one is more dramatic, but the white one is beautiful too. They look so delicate, but if you touch them, you see that they are actually quite sturdy. Please maximize photos to take in the full awesomeness.

I'll be away at the beach this weekend, so no updates until Tuesday or so. I can't wait to get out of land-locked Tennessee and see the ocean again! People who've never seen the ocean make me sad, as an aside.


Andrew J said...

We have one of each as well, but they aren't quite bloomed yet. They are on their way though!

Anonymous said...

The next time you post a flower pic, you should totally position a stuffed animal or something filthy in the background - just out of site. You could leave social political messages in the flowers! How po-mo!

Hank said...

Very nice pictures. Thanks for posting them.

(I am back blogging on this site)