Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kitty Love

Winston loves Alex. He is not a lap cat in the slightest, but last night he climbed up on her lap and was content as could be. I think he likes her so much because she indulges him by allowing him to do weird things to her, like bite the zipper to her sweatshirt, gnaw on her hand, and so forth. Usually Steph and I swat him away when he does that kind of stuff, but she seems to find it amusing. I admit that I was kind of jealous that he sat on her lap for so long! Oh well, I know he loves me.


Anonymous said...

I would let Winston do crazy things to my zippers too! I want to meet your cats!!

Adina said...

They are adorable. Louis is pretty much afraid of most people, but Winston is quite spunky! Come visit us any time!