Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pizza Party

Mike is away in Ecuador for work with Johns Hopkins University, so we have been helping Jess take care of Charlie. In return, she has been providing us with some very tasty dinners. Last week she made us pizza and ever since then I've wanted pretty much nothing but homemade pizza for dinner.

Here are two examples of my work. The first is a cheese pizza with tomato sauce and zucchini, and the second is a margherita pizza. Both of these were made with a multi-grain crust. Yum. Since these photos were taken last week, I've also made two pizzas with whole wheat crusts-- one with tomato, cheese, and mushrooms, and the other with pesto, goat cheese, spinach, and tomato. I prefer the multi-grain crust to the whole grain, so I think I'll stick with that one from here on out. I also bought a pizza peel via Amazon, which should arrive this afternoon. I got tired of burning myself while trying to lift the pizzas off the stone in the oven. Next I will try grilled pizza.

This behavior is pretty typical of me. I get hooked on a certain food and want nothing but that food for weeks or months. Apparently I've always had this quirk. My Dad used to tell me that when I was younger he packed me the same lunch every day for an entire year because I refused to eat anything else. One year it was peanut butter and celery, another year it was baked beans, and so forth. I'm a strange squirrel.

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Veggie said...

I love the idea of zucchini on pizza, but I always forget to try it.