Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Guest room

(Saturday June 23, 2007)

My Mom came to stay with us for the weekend. She is actually in town until July 4th for a pastry conference, but she left to stay in the hotel where the conference is taking place. Here are some pictures of our guest room. It may look familiar to some of you as it is basically a replica of our bedroom at the old house. As is my way, I filled the room with flowers, chocolates, fluffy towels, and lots of soaps and such. I love that kind of stuff.

It was nice having my Mom stay with us. I woke up in the morning on Sunday and she was making scones. They were delicious. Steph never cooks, so it was nice to have someone cook for me.


Unknown said...


I think you should run a B&B! I would love to stay in your guest room and then I'd make scones in the morning!

Your mom's conference sounds interesting.


Adina said...


Aww, you're so sweet! Come and down anytime and bring your scone pan!