Tuesday, June 12, 2007


For YEARS I have been trying to convince Steph that we should get a cat. But no, she hates cats. I kept telling her that if we had one, she would love it. So on the flight back home yesterday (morning), I stated my case as to why we should have a cat. I mean, really, how can we be card carrying lesbians without a cat? It just isn't right. Well, it worked and I convinced her. So yesterday we adopted this adorable kitten. He is between 8-12 weeks old and we've name him Winston. Steph is obsessed with him. She wants to cuddle with him all the time and just adores him. He's a little frightened of the dogs, but is doing well. Last night he slept with us on the bed. Hehe, I win!

On this post you can also see me watching Tivo-ed epsiodes of The View. So sad. I just can't stop Tivoing it and watching it though. It's a sickness. Steph took this picture.


knitwick said...

Jealousy runs rampant in the Morris-Joslyn household... *sigh*

Adina said...

Hehe. What stops you from getting a cat? They practically take care of themselves.