Wednesday, July 30, 2008

H-Mart in Baltimore!

I was floored to find out that H-Mart had opened a store in Baltimore. S & I went on Monday evening to check it out. The produce was unbelievable and so cheap! They also had all sorts of bizarre stuff, like a whole wall of tofu products. We had dinner there, which was yummy. The menu seemed more varied than the one in Philly. This location also has a bakery, which is awesome. I bought a delicious red bean bun from there. I will say though that I was disappointed with the cookie and candy section. The Philly location put this one to shame in that respect. I forgot to bring my camera (again!), but I took some pictures of some of the loot I bought after I got home. I LOVE these custard buns-- they are the kind you get when you go out for Dim delicious.

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Erin Palmer said...

Adina--you forget that Philly very recently was deemed the "fattest" city, which may explain its large snack section in H-Mart. But I'm just speculating. So excited that you have one there!