Saturday, October 4, 2008

Journey to the Waverly Farmer's Market

There is a farmer's market a block away from my apartment that is on Saturday year round. I haven't gone there in years though-- for some reason it's easier to wake up early on a Sunday than on a Saturday morning. BUT, this morning we rose bright and early to check it out with Alex.

It's smaller than the Sunday market, but there was still a great selection and a lot of the same vendors were present. The flowers though were out of this world...much better than any I've ever seen on Sundays. Here is a sampling of some of the flowers I bought. One woman also had Eucalyptus, which I LOVE, but I was felt like I couldn't possibly carry one more thing home with me. Maybe next week.


gratefulsned said...

Those flowers are so amazing... too bad Winston thinks they are cat toys. Loser.

Adina said...

He KNOWS he's bad. He's just upset and frustrated. Poor orange baby.