Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New shower curtain

We got a new shower curtain a few weeks ago from Target. I know, our lives are SO exciting, right?!?! Actually, and perhaps sadly, we are pretty enthused by this purchase. We had a 100% cotton shower curtain that was just white, but the water in the apartment has a lot of rust in it and it stained the shower curtain, which looked pretty disgusting. In less than a year we had gone through two 100% cotton shower curtains. I wanted to buy a vinyl curtain, but PVC shower curtains off-gas a lot of toxic chemicals (which accounts for that nasty new shower curtain smell). One day, as I was clicking through my Google Reader, I read about a new shower curtain from Target that uses EVA vinyl. EVA doesn't have all the nasty chemicals that PVC does. So we went to Target and picked out the shower curtain you see here -- no nasty new shower curtain smell and we're happy with the way it looks as well.


Anonymous said...

I sort of like that smell.... It's good that they are making something that is safer. Well, that is what they want people to believe, so they can make more sales. If it is true, I'd buy one too. :)

Veggie said...

That's a cute shower curtain. I have a fabric one that has lasted pretty well. I have to wash it once a month to keep it from getting moldy. It's worth it though, better than going through one cheap plastic one each year like I used to.