Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Warning: Kind of gross

Today I had the absolute joy of prying a mouse out of Louis' mouth. The poor thing was still warm and soft, so I assume it died not long before I discovered him with the pitiful creature. I heard growling, which is never good. The only time Louis growls is when I give him meat or when we lived in Nashville and he would chase wild turkeys and bring back feathers from his kill (he is like a serial killer-- he kept the feathers as souvenirs). I saw him huddled in a corner, throwing up some small gray object and catching it in his paws. He looked to be having a grand old time. His tail was HUGE-- all puffed up and territorial. The first time I tried to take it from his, his growled at me, hissed at me, and ran away. I then managed to corner him and get the mouse out of his mouth. He was none too please. He sulked and did not come anywhere near me for hours. He was so proud of himself and I ruined his joy. I kind of felt a bit guilty about it, but it was just too gross. I threw the deceased beast away and proceeded to go on a crazed cleaning spree, vacuuming and disinfecting every surface, even under furniture. The apartment is now probably neater than it has ever been and that is saying something, considering that I am a very organized and neat person in general. So at least something good came out of the whole debacle.


Anonymous said...

Louis was able to kill a turkey?! That's insane!!!

Adina said...

He is a very skilled hunter, surprisingly. He looks all wee and innocent, but that's all just part of his act.