Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Detour to the Filling Station

The Filling Station is the only place we go to buy coffee. I am extremely anal about my coffee and usually only drink the cold-pressed Drew's Brews (I have the beans shipped to me from Nashville) that I make at home. The coffee at FS doesn't compare, but it is just the cutest little place, so we try to go when we are out that way. The Filling Station is a small, old gas station that was converted to a tiny coffee shop. The mexican hot chocolate with two shots of espresso is my favorite drink. There is no indoor seating (the place is way too small), but there is plenty of covered outdoor seating. It is in Hunt Valley, right in the middle of Horse Country, so the area is gorgeous. There is a great farm stand across the street that sells fruits and vegetables in the Summer, apples and pumpkins in the Fall, and Christmas trees in the Winter.

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