Monday, August 2, 2010

The Precious

Well people, I was going to wait for the white iPhone 4 to come out before upgrading my iPhone, but Apple had to go and ruin my life by not once, but TWICE, delaying the availability of them. At this point I think they won't even come out until 2011. My iPhone 3G had cracks in both the front and the back and so I was sorely in need of an upgrade. I say that like I NEEDED the upgrade. I guess, in the interest of full disclosure, I should state that my old phone still worked just fine. It was really out of consumer greed and a lust for Apple products that I bought the new one. That and jealousy-- Andrew and Chad already had theirs and whenever I saw them using their new phones, a dirty dirty feeling would rise up in my chest.

I won't bore anyone with a review of the phone, but suffice it to say that is it incredible. I've experienced none of the dreaded antenna issues and think it is far superior to the 3G that I had.

I love the dual cameras on this model. The photos are worlds better than the 3G camera took, so be prepared for more photos from my iPhone to be posted to my blog. The photo pictured here is the first photo I took with the new iPhone.

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