Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Surgery update (& some cat photos)

Steph had surgery yesterday to remove the cyst on her eyebrow. It turned out to be a bigger deal than we had hoped. For one thing, there were two cysts, one on top of the other, instead of just one. The plastic surgeon had to cut into the muscle to remove it and today her eye is pretty much swollen shut. She looks pathetic, like she was in some hideous bar brawl. In a week she'll return to get the stitches taken out, and the biopsy will come back in 7-10 days. Hopefully they got everything out of there and they won't need to go back in to take more gunk out.

She's pretty depressed because the surgeon told her she can't do any exercise until January 1st because there's a risk of developing a hematoma. She's not supposed to have her head go lower than her heart or do anything that will increase her heart rate. She had planned to run the Dreaded Druid 5 Miler on Saturday, so she's bummed about it. I know she had really been looking forward to that race.

She wanted to go to work today, but I said there was no way she was going in with vision in only one eye. We'll see about the rest of the week. I've already had to stop her from trying to put away laundry and from lugging a space heater out of the basement. She is a horrible sick person. I've heard that people who work in health care are the worst patients and I definitely think that's true. It's impossible for her to just sit still and let her body rest. She says she feels guilty about resting and doesn't want to be a burden to me, but I tell her that it's much more of a burden to have to follow her around and watch her like a hawk to make sure that she is actually resting and not being a little baddie. If she would just sleep all day and watch TV like she's supposed to, I could go about my business and not worry that she's undertaking some major project. She's silly. I love her.

I came upstairs today and found that Louis had made himself a little fort and was hiding under some pillows. He's petrified of the vacuum. Enough surgery talk. Time for some cute cat photos!

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gratefulsned said...

No blog post is complete without some cat photos.

I know I am horrible. But that doesn't mean I can't go in to work tomorrow! Almost every day I am grateful for my new job but it is times like this that I am especially grateful. If I were still working the floor I would never be able to go back so soon.

You are so kind to tolerate me!