Thursday, December 2, 2010

Welcome, Winter

There was a significant amount of frost on the car this morning at 8am, so I've decided that it's officially winter. I, for one, hope this winter holds in store much less snow than the last.

We've begun our holiday decorating. This year we're experimenting with having a small (artificial) tree. So far the cats have left it alone. Before we became crazy cat ladies, we always had a large real tree, but I think the temptation of that would prove too much for our little lovelies. Also, I hated watering it and vacuuming up the needles every day. If you want the scent of a real tree, buy some of these candles. They smell just like the real thing and burn for hours and hours on end.

I'm an equal opportunity holiday celebrator. I've always been fascinated by Christmas, even though I'm Jewish. As a child, I would put foil on our trees outside to "decorate" them for Christmas. It did not go over well with my mother. I love the celebration of winter and the warm homeyness of the holiday. Also, Hanukkah songs kind of suck and Christmas songs are awesome. O Holy Night makes me cry on pretty much a regular basis (especially the Josh Groban version).

There's been a little hiccup in our lives. Steph needs to have surgery later this month on what is hopefully a benign cyst above her eye. I am worried about it, much more so than she is, but there is nothing to do really but wait and see what happens. Because I'm morbid and obviously deranged, I've been looking up cyst removal videos on YouTube. I am both endlessly intrigued and disgusted by them.

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