Sunday, February 11, 2007


This is a photo I took by putting the lens of my camera into my glass of water. I have resolved to drink 6 glasses of water a day. So far today I'm on my 4th glass. I always feel better when I drink more water. I like water too, but sometimes I just forget to drink it. Whoops. Maybe if I write about my mini-resolution on my blog, I'll be more inclined to follow through with it. We'll see!


knitwick said...

This is a cool photo!! I love the way the circles make everything look.

Unknown said...

Hi Adina,

Clotted cream should be easy but it isn't. You have to use heavy cream but NOT "ultra" pasteurized. ...I am trying it anyway with the ulta stuff but it is taking a very long days. I haven't been able to find just pasteurized...
Here is the recipe from Alton Brown

2 cups pasteurized (not ultra-pasteurized) cream

Set a coffee filter basket, lined with a filter, in a strainer, over a bowl. Pour the cream almost to the top of the filter. Refrigerate for 2 hours. The whey will sink to the bottom passing through the filter leaving a ring of clotted cream. Scrape this down with a rubber spatula and repeat every couple of hours until the mass reaches the consistency of soft cream cheese.