Friday, February 2, 2007


Last night it snowed about a quarter of an inch. Everyone was freaking out over this! I seriously heard people refer to the impending snow as a "blizzard". Everyone kept talking about "black ice" and "hazardous driving conditions". Schools were closed yesterday (because snow was forecasted...never showed up though) and were also closed today. I won't be surprised if they are closed tomorrow too.

I drove Steph to work this morning at 6am and it was fine. People were driving like morons, going about 5mph, but the roads were totally clear.

I'm telling you, I live on a different planet!

Here's a picture of the snow right after it fell...from the viewpoint of our deck.


Andrew J said...

That's pretty darn funny. But you know, it's not that different up here. We've had a number of those little snow flurries and they can't stop talking about it on the radio. By the way, what's up with the silt fence?

Adina said...

The builder is leaving it there are a precaution until all the houses on our side of the street are finished.