Saturday, April 7, 2007

Rich White Trash

At Delaware I had this friend, Adam, who was a total asshole. I don't know why I even spent so many hours of my life listening to him pontificate. He thought he was just sooo intellectual. I guess it's to be expected that you'll have friends like that in college though. Anyway, one time he referenced some obscure baroque instrument and I asked him what it was. He was horrified at my ignorance and said that I was "rich white trash". He meant it jokingly, but still, it pissed me off.

This week, while visiting Baltimore, my grandfather asked if I had read an article in a New Yorker from last month. I said that I had let my subscription lapse and was not up to date on New Yorker articles. He proclaimed that I "moved down South and have become ignorant to current events in the world". While I know he didn't mean for his comment to upset me, my feelings were kind of hurt. This was the latest in a series of comments in a similar vein ("You're going to move to Tennessee and you'll be too busy playing the banjo to call us"). So today I renewed my subscription to the New Yorker and paid for a full two years.

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