Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Save me", said the plant.

When we lived in Baltimore, our next-door-neighbor Jen gave me this awesome ginger plant. It was just a small baby when we gave it to me last Spring. She brought the original plant over from Hawaii (she lived there before moving to Baltimore). Basically, I could never replace this plant. Plus it has sentimental value to me because Jen is a great neighbor, mother, and friend; I admire her very much. Anyway, all our plants are currently living at my grandparents' house because we didn't have space for them on our move to Nashville. As of this writing, my ginger plant is not doing so well; it needs to be watered more frequently and is also rootbound and desperately needs repotting. I only hope it lives until I am able to bring it home with me.

(Saturday's post)

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