Friday, June 29, 2007

Painting, Day 1

Today we started painting. It is now 7:35pm and so far we've completed my study and the powder room, and have prepped and taped our bedroom. I really like the color I finally decided on for my study; it's Benjamin Moore's Waynesboro Taupe and it really warms up the room. I wanted a slate gray originally, but then decided that the furniture in the room was too brown for such a cool color. It turned out really well and I'm happy with it.

Now we are just resting up before we go to Rumba for dinner and then catch the 10:40 showing of Sicko.


Unknown said...


It's a wonderful color. I'd like to try something similar but a little lighter in my dining room and kitchen. The white woodwork sets it off beautifully. Great job.


Andrew J said...

Awesome color! You did a fabulous job with it. Too bad we couldn't come help you this time!

Adina said...

Haha, well we're only going to do 3 rooms now, so I think there will be plenty of rooms left to paint if you come and visit in August. Only if you want, of course. It takes me so long to come to a decision with colors.