Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Quiet days around the house

After a very busy Fall, I am looking forward to hibernating a bit during the winter. Last weekend we barely left the house and it was wonderful. We caught up on laundry, I read the New Yorker (if you get it, you should definitely read the article about fermentation, by the way), Steph worked on her knitting projects, we watched weird movies like Babes In Toyland, and we thoroughly cleaned the house.

We did leave to have Sunday brunch with Jess and Mike at Woodberry Kitchen, which was amazing. I took some photos with my Canon S90, but I haven't uploaded them yet.

I made an effort to take some pictures around the house though, as most of the photos on my blog lately have been from when we were out and about.

Currently listening to: Sufjan Stevens, "Songs for Christmas" (I'm getting an early start on Christmas music this year)

Looking forward to: a very festive Joslyn Thanksgiving! Steph is making spinach squares and I am making the turkey again this year.


Andrew J said...

There is NO way you did all that in one weekend. Thoroughly cleaning the house would take us a WEEK!!

Adina said...

Haha. Well, it was pretty clean to start. I like to keep a very clean baseline, so that way deep cleaning doesn't take very long. You know I'm psycho about cleaning.

Andrew J said...

If only I had the time ... I think I would be cleaner. :( The past few weeks we've been good - we instituted two important rules that go a long way to keeping the house tidy - 1. Never go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink, and 2. Never go to bed with clutter in the living room/dining room (i.e., everything must go back to where it came from). I think it's a good start.