Saturday, July 14, 2007


I wasn't feeling well tonight, so Booie made me brownies. The chocolate soothes my soul. It's good for what ails you. I'll post the picture tomorrow, or whenever I feel like booting up the laptop, because my computer is retarded. I've bought this Sony VAIO last year (and let me tell you, it was not cheap); I should never have let Steph talk me out of buying a MAC. Already the USBs are acting up...I put in a memory card and it just doesn't read it. I am seriously considering ditching this loser ass computer on ebay and getting a MAC. But I am scared to switch operating systems and I also don't know if I should get a laptop or a desktop. All I know for certain is that I all PCs are the DEVIL. I also know that brownies work better than Advil.

It's 1:22am and I should really go to sleep. Every time I try though I just feel antsy. Blah.

(post for Friday July 13, 2007)


gratefulsned said...

How come nobody comments anymore?

Adina said...

Eh, who knows. Maybe they're busy...maybe my pictures are lame. Doesn't really matter though because I enjoy posting and it helps me to remember to take pictures and I like having a record of all the stuff we do.

Andrew J said...

Busy. But seriously, don't fear switching operating systems. Almost everything is the same and the MAC is way better in most ways anyway. You'll get use to it in no time. And go for a laptop. Or go for a laptop AND a desktop. LOL. My MacBook is awesome so far. But get it with 2GB of RAM because it'll really help!