Sunday, July 22, 2007

R.I.P: Harry Potter

When my book came yesterday afternoon in the mail, I started it immediately. I took a break later in the evening though because we went over to Christy & Jerry's to hang out and have a bonfire. Then I stayed up until about 2am reading. This morning I woke up at 8:30am and read until I finished the book, at about 2pm. I'm so sad that there won't be any more Harry Potter books! At least I can look forward to getting my HP fix from the movies. This book is going to make an incredible movie. It was thoroughly satisfying, especially because my epiphany that I had last week about a certain character turned out to be true. I'm telling you, it came to me in a flash of was weird.

Now that I've finished, Steph will read it. I can't wait for her to finish so we can discuss.


alex said...


Adina said...

I'm not saying Harry's dead, just that the series is over. I spoil nothing!

Andrew J said...

Haha. I saw your title and hadn't finished the book yet, so I didn't read the rest of your post, thinking there was a chance you might spoil it. Then I thought to myself "I don't think she's finished it yet anyway, she's probably just saying that it's the end of the series" so I felt better about it and kept reading. I just finished it myself. Definitely can't wait for the movie for THIS one!!

Adina said...

No, I would never spoil the ending for anyone! I just enjoy playing with the readership's minds a bit. Haha, gotta get my gigglys in somewhere.

They better hurry up with the movies. Daniel Radcliffe is already 18 I don't want to see him playing a 17-year old HP at 30.