Sunday, February 22, 2009

Famous Yakitori One

I have discovered Yelp and I LOVE it. It's clued me in to all these Baltimore restaurants I had no idea even existed. One of those restaurants in Famous Yakitori One, a newly opened yakitori place in Baltimore.

I wrote a review on Yelp, which you may read here if you are interested.

Everything was super delicious and it is a cute little place. We had a lot of fun sitting at the counter and watching the chefs prepare the yakitori. We plan to go there quite frequently, as it was insanely cheap and delicious. Next time I want to try the okonomiyaki. The bacon wrapped avocado was incredible.

Including tax and a tip that was over 20%, the entire meal cost us only $36!!!! We left with full bellies and smiles on our faces.

I apologize for the lame pictures. I took them with my iPhone.


alex said...

mmm! looks good! i never use yelp...maybe i should start!

Adina said...

Try it and see what you think. I am totally addicted.

Erin Palmer said...

Matt loves okonomiyake! I love yaki-tori.