Friday, February 6, 2009

The host award goes to...

It has to be said that Chad & Andrew are probably the best hosts a girl could ask for. One time, in the span of the two days that I was visiting, Chad knit me an iPod cosy. They make the best food and are just as happy sitting around chatting as driving me around town. They accommodate my cravings for chicken cheesesteak. They give me extra pillows because they know I am a freak and require 3 pillows all for myself (two for sleeping, one for holding). Also, they give the best gifts.

For Christmas, they got me this Sigg bottle, pictured on the left. I've wanted one for a long time, but the only place I know to get them is Whole Foods and I'm never in the mood to spend an extra $20 when I've just spent $150 on a piddly amount of groceries. I also had a difficult time figuring out which design I wanted. Of course, being the best friends ever, they solved both problems for me by buying me my very own Sigg bottle.

Andrew knows I have a thing for Nescafe. HMart is the only place I know of where you can buy it. He went to HMart in the morning and got me a Nescafe so I could have one when I woke up. Isn't he the sweetest?

He also went to the Korean bakery in the morning and purchased an assortment of pastries to go with our breakfast. Mmm, so delicious. It was a carb attack, let me tell you.


Anonymous said...

Yummy, tasty, tasty carbs!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Now I'm intimidated if you come up for a visit! :) I'm skeptical of Korean pastries. Korean food isn't that tasty to begin with. The bread looks very, very dry. Though, if anyone is up for proving me wrong, I'd love the challenge! :)

Glad you had a blast in Philadelphia!

Veggie said...

wow, how nice is that? you have awesome friends.