Friday, February 20, 2009

A Night in DC...

As I mentioned in my last post, we went to DC last night. I met up with Melissa, and Steph reconnected with Shanika, a friend from college. We had dinner separately, and then met up to go to a bar together.

Steph and Shanika had dinner at Jaleo, a Spanish tapas restaurant. They were both pleased with their meal, but I wasn't there, so I personally can't comment on the food.

Melissa and I went to Ceiba. The website describes this restaurant as Contemporary Latin American. OK, I can dig that. We each had a Hemingway Mojito, which was delicious. I loved the piece of sugar cane in the glass, as well as the little plastic bull attached to the side of the glass. Swanky. I had the Spanish Caesar Salad, which the waitress reccommended. I really wanted the Shrimp Ceviche, but I was ordering shrimp for dinner, and that seemed like shrimp overload. The caesar salad was tasty, but the only thing that I could tell that separated it from a normal caesar salad were the two slices of serrano ham that came on the bottom of the plate. Don't get me wrong, they were tasty pork slices indeed, but it seemed like an afterthought instead of a cohesive dish. For my main course I had the Grilled Sugarcane Skewered Shrimp. YUM! The shrimp were quite large, and were served with a side of delicious and fresh guacamole, as well as a pineapple salsa. For dessert, I had a pleasant, though not memorable piece of Tres Leches cake. I would certainly return and I would love to try some of the items on the regular menu -- we ordered from the Restaurant Week menu.

After dinner, the four of us met up and drove to Capital Hill to go to Phase 1, the oldest lesbian bar in DC. It was...strange. It kind of had a towny bar feel. I'm prefer a more upscale bar with a cocktail menu filled with strange and interesting libations. This was more of a Miller Lite type of place. However, they DID have karaoke, and you know how I loves me some karaoke. Melissa and I did a duet to "A Whole New World", fun indeed. Melissa, despite being straight, even knew a few of the people there. Why? Because she knows everyone -- such the social butterfly, she is.

We stayed at the Omni Shoreham, a historic hotel in Woodley Park. Again, this was another one of my 4-star Priceline steals. The room was spacious, comfortable, and overlooked Rock Creek Park. I was quite happy. In the morning, we woke up, had a leisurely room service breakfast (with organic eggs, meats, and veggies), and then packed up to head back home.

NEXT WEEK'S TRAVEL ADVENTURE: We go to Nashville! (I doubt we'll do much of anything interesting though -- we are going to move the rest of our stuff out of our house, as we have finally found a suitable renter for the property)

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