Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Letter from Andrew

Andrew, you are the cutest person ever. Steph and I adore you (and Chad too, of course!). Your letter (pictured here) was so sweet. I especially loved the part where you assured us that you would change the sheets on the bed when we come to visit you in May. Don't worry: I can assure you that your standards of cleanliness suit me just fine.

I miss living down the street from you guys too. I have such fond memories of coming to your apartment and just hanging out, reading magazines, and eating chicken risotto. And who can forget the time when we had to outrun the apocalypse?

I will send you an e-mail in the next few days to go over the details for our trip to Philly to visit you in May.


knitwick said...

So exciting!! I can't wait!! :)

Andrew J said...

Now everyone can read the first page of my letter! How embarrassing.

Adina said...

I didn't think you could, but now that I maximize it, I see that you are right. Do you want me to delete it? I certainly did not mean to embarass you.