Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Birthday Squid

Steph knitted me this squid for my birthday. Well, it was supposed to be for my birthday, but it took a little longer to make than expected. Here he is in the process of being felted. I haven't quite decided what to name him yet. Suggestions?

(Tuesday February 12, 2008)


Andrew J said...

It's sooo cute!!

Anonymous said...

Some suggestions:

1. Sidward Squonk*
2. Silas Scribbler
3. Ink Erodes
4. Inky
5. Blotty

Steph may know what a Squonk is. It is referenced in "Any Major Dude Will Tell You" from Pretzel Logic.

The definition:
The Squonk is a legendary creature reputed to live in the Hemlock forests of northern Pennsylvania.To summarize the legend of the squonk: It is a very ugly creature, and it knows this. Its skin is ill-fitting, and covered with warts and other blemishes, therefore the squonk hides from being seen, and spends much of its time weeping sorrowfully over its own ugliness.

Anonymous said...

How about Squidly?