Friday, February 15, 2008

Not so Lemon Tree

My lime tree (which was supposed to be a lemon tree, but the nursery sent the wrong kind of citrus) is blooming again! I'm excited, because a bunch of leaves had fallen off and it seemed dormant and somewhat sickly lately. But now it''s back to its old self! I guess it just needed some time to acclimate to being indoors again.

(Thursday February 14, 2008)


Erin Palmer said...

You'd be surprised at how some plants/trees bounce back to life! Now you'll have plenty of limes for G&Ts!!

Unknown said...

I would love a lime tree...for my gin and tonics.

Thank you so much for the calendar. I LOVE it. I am sorry I haven't thanked you sooner. My mother is very sick. It looks beautiful in my study.

Anonymous said...
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