Monday, February 4, 2008

A not so interesting video

While I was at Andrew and Chad's place, I used my Flip Video Camera for pretty much the first time. This video was taken at dinner on Saturday night, when Erin and Matt (Andrew's sister and her husband), and Kathy and Rich (Andrew's parents) came for dinner. Chad isn't in the video because he was upstairs wrapping my birthday presents.

This is hardly a work of art, and it captures nothing substantial, but I thought maybe some of you would like to see it. If so, click here. At the very least, you'll get to watch me videotape the food and hear my lovely voice. Haha.



Andrew J said...

Oh no, I'm on Youtube! Haha.

Adina said...

Oh well, you are well on your way to fame. Hahaha.

Anonymous said...

That was a little like the Blair Witch Project!

Anonymous said...

No bringing the camera to STL. LOL

Erin Palmer said...

SO FUNNY! But now we've created a monster!

You're not crazy when you take pictures of your food. Go to this website:

You are not alone.