Saturday, February 2, 2008

How I came to own a gun

Don't worry, it's a toy gun. Did I scare you for a second?

I know it's early for a post (8:15am on Saturday), but I just had to share this little nugget with you, my dear readers. Steph and I have a rule-- if a child leaves something in our yard, we take it. We have accumulated quite a collection of balls and baseball gloves this way. Is this wrong? Maybe a little bit, but kids leave their crap in our yard all the time and I have no idea who it belongs to and I don't feel like it's my responsibility to hunt the owner down. And no one comes looking for their stuff, so they obviously have a billion other toys with which to amuse themselves.

So this morning, when I opened up the blinds, I saw this toy gun. I am all too happy to add it to our growing collection of children's toys in our garage. Bwahahaha (evil laugh).


Anonymous said...

You are quite the meanie aren't you?

Just kidding. I do the same thing. I give them a couple days to come get it and then it's mine.

Most of mine end up at the Goodwill store.

Adina said...

I've considered, for Easter perhaps, lining up all the toys on the front yard, just so they can see how much stuff they've left on our property. I'm sick and subversive like that.

Anonymous said...

If you do have a display at Easter, you should perform a puppet show. Steph can make the puppets, which can depict children and you can do the dialouge. Maybe the owl can be the narrator. It'll be like a passion play but only better...much better.

Erin Palmer said...

OMG too funny. Have you seen the Cheri Oteri "It's mine now!" SNL skit?? I'm going to find it and post it on my blog :)

Adina said...


Not only do I know that skit, but I often quote it. I see myself being even more like that when I am old and crotchety. I'd like to sit on my porch in a bathrobe, my hair in rollers (of course), and yell at the local passersby. This is how I picture my golden years.

Blair, you are too much. Come down for Easter and we will prepare the spread and the show together. I'm collected several more owls-- perhaps we can stage it as a Greek tragedy and they can be the Chorus.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it for Easter. I'll be in Florida with my sister and her family. Maybe sometime in May.