Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ace Hard Pear Cider

There is a new liquor store called Quarry Liquors and I love it! It is in the newly developed Quarry Shopping Center by my Dad's old townhouse. It is kind of weird to me that there are stores and houses there now because I remember it just being woods and, of course, the quarry. At first I was angry about this development ruining my childhood memories, but now that I've found this great liquor store, I no longer have any hard feelings.

I tried this Pear Hard Cider from Sonoma County, CA and it is delicious-- really light and refreshing. As you can see, I had two the other night, so obviously I enjoyed it. If you can find Ace Pear Hard Cider at a liquor store near you, I strongly suggest you try it.

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