Sunday, September 28, 2008

I heart free useful stuff!

Wine tastings at the Quarry Liquor Store have become a weekly Saturday ritual for me. Honestly, I've only liked a few of the wines I've had at the tastings, but it's still fun and I just like the wine selection they offer. This week, along with my wine purchases, I received this free bag. It has a divider in it, so there are six individual spaces for wine bottles. GENIUS! Now I have a bag to bring with me every week and I don't have to keep taking boxes from them.


Veggie said...

That is such an excellent freebie, I would love it if there were free wine tastings around here.

Adina said...

Where do you live, Veg? A lot of wine-oriented liquor stores offer them...if your local store doesn't, you should ask them to! It's a lot of fun.

Veggie said...

I live in Ontario, Canada. Once in a while liquor stores (LCBO) around here do offer a tasting but it isn't free (that's the law here for alcohol) and it's usually only one type of wine or other alcoholic beverage.

I have been to wineries for free tastings though, I used to live in BC (the okanogan area) and I've been down to the Niagara wine region as well, where they offer tastings for a nominal fee.