Sunday, September 14, 2008

Yarn Shoppe!

After a lovely lunch at Atwater's, we drove over to Hampden to check out the yarn store. Much to our surprise, Hampden was packed! Yesterday was Hampden Fest...we walked around, but it pretty much sucked. It was basically cheap, silly merchandise and funnel cakes. A funnel cake would have appealed to me had we not just eaten lunch, but since we had, the whole experience was pretty disappointing. However, the yarn store was not! They had a lot of cool stuff, including about 5 different local brands of yarn that had been hand-dyed. They also offer a lot of interesting classes, including one on dyeing your own yarn. It's in October and we are SOOO taking that class. Here is a picture of the shoppe.

We were very good and limited ourselves to buying some yarn for ties and some needles for knitting socks.

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