Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bad Kitty, that's my potpie!

Winston is a naughty kitty! Two days ago, I woke up and found an avocado on our bedroom floor. I thought that somehow it had rolled off the counter in the kitchen and the cats had kicked it into the bedroom. So I put the avocados on the windowsill in the kitchen and thought the issue was over. But then, last night, I was watching TV and I got up to get a drink and I saw Winston walking around with an avocado in his mouth. I yelled at him to drop it, but he just looked at me and ran under the kitchen table, still holding it in his mouth. I had to chase him around and pry that sucker off of him. He's so bad, but really the whole thing was kind of cute too. Little goober.


Erin Palmer said...

He has good taste!!

Adina said...

I know! That bastard owes me $1.50. I'm taking it out of his treat budget!

Unknown said...

Oh, he is too cute. Cats are so smart. He really looks guilty in that picture.