Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bread of the Dead

I read that Aurora Bakery was selling Pan de Muerto this week in honor of the Day of the Dead. So we took a little trip out there today to sample some. It's pretty good-- the best part about it is that it comes in cool colors like pink and green! Fun.

This evening I downloaded Leopard on to my iMac and I am totally loving it so far. Definitely worth the $9.95 for shippping. Haha.

I also figured out how to transfer photos over from my phone to the computer using Bluetooth. I am impressed that I figured it out on my own without calling Steph for help...not that it was particularly difficult, but I get easily frustrated when it comes to technology.


Andrew J said...

First of all, what is this bread of death all about? Does it have some special flavor? Is it just bread that's colored? I need details!

Also, I am totally jealous of your Leopard upgrade! I have to spend significantly more to get it ... :(

Unknown said...

Oh dear Andrew,
I did not teach you about the holy days very well...All Saints Day and All Souls Day...the two days after "All Hallow's Eve"! It is a lot like O'Bon. O'Bon is more fun!

Erin Palmer said...

I didn't know about those holy days, either! But I am very glad you didn't send us to Catholic School, Mom. Thank you.

Adina--Andrew has convinced me that Macs are the way to go. I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying yours so much!

Adina said...

I knew about it, and I was raised as a Jew! But my Mom is obsessed with Mexican culture, so I think that's how I know these things.

Mac has changed my life. I never knew a computer could be so beautiful and functional all at once.

Andrew J said...

I've heard of the days, just not the bread. I just looked it up. It sounds tasty.

Adina said...

It was good...sort of like Challah, only with an orange essence. Maybe I'll make some and send it to you. I am on a bread kick right now.