Friday, November 23, 2007

New Blog

You should all hop on over to my new blog-- Objects of my Desire. Each day (hopefully) I will post five different things I've found on the web that I think are interesting and worth buying. I won't be buying all these things myself, only wishing I could! But maybe you will buy some of them, or at least learn about new things and web sites.

As the New Year approaches, I think everyone should consider resolving to start or continue a blog (or blogs!) of their own. Blogging is such a fun medium and I've had a great time with my photo blog. It's an easy way to keep in touch with people and meet new people as well. Plus, it really isn't that much of a time commitment-- it certainly takes less time than calling everyone you know every day or writing pages and pages in a journal. Happy blogging!


Unknown said...

Hi Adina,

I like your new site, “Objects of My Desire”. It will be helpful to learn about different places to buy unusual things. I had an old kimono that was hanging in the closet doing nothing, so I made pillows out of it. I backed each pillow with velvet.

Sounds as if you and Steph had a nice peaceful Thanksgiving.

Adina said...


Thanks for visiting my new blog! Your kimono project sounds awesome. I am thinking of making a quilt out of old sweaters, and some pillows out of old t-shirts. It's always fun to find new uses for old things.

I missed my family, but I was happy with our Thanksgiving. Was your pie gobbled up in a minute? It looked so good. I hope Andrew posts lots of pictures!

Unknown said...

Poor Andrew is too stressed. We had a very simple Thanksgiving. Although we didn't have a lot of different fancy foods, we certainly had too much to eat. I don't think he took very many pictures. Very low key and restful. It was lovely.