Wednesday, November 21, 2007


While in Atlanta, we made a pilgrimage to IKEA. Atlanta has the only IKEA in the Southeast. The Atlanta IKEA is also the only IKEA that serves grits in its restaurant. They seem very proud of that fact and advertise is quite a bit. At any rate, we went so we could get some inexpensive furniture for our craft room. The trip was very tiring and very successful. Even more exhausting was putting together all the furniture today. I wish they would put some WORDS on their instruction sheets and not just pictures. I don't learn well from visual images, apparently. I wrestled with a handing light pendant for about an hour, but I came out victorious.

Here are some pictures from the newly furnished room (minus the light fixture on the ceiling, which we haven't had time to hang yet). Be sure to note my inventive use of dead river birch branches as curtain rods.


Andrew J said...

That is only thing I don't love about Ikea. (The no words on the instructions)

Adina said...

I know. Why is it so difficult to print some words. Some of the images make no sense at all.